Ok, I finally took some time to write a decent review of Skylanders while the professional cleaning service was here today.

I hope you enjoy it:
Skylanders is one of the successful games and with that success, there’s always a pressure on the creator of the game to add up a new killer feature with its every new version. Even though every year a new game of Skylanders is released, they are developed in rotation by 2 different studios. The basics of the primary game are still the same as ever. One can describe the Skylanders as a kid friendly version of Diablo. In other words, we can say that it’s a two player action game with some light role plying features.
This year’s Skylanders is loud, exciting, easy to consume and different from other versions of the game. The Skylanders Imagination adds up a new character – creation menu that is bursting up with gear and loot of varying rarity. This exciting new feature in the game adds a level of freshness, customization and control.
The best part about this new feature is the feeling of control and customization you get by changing the clothing, bodies, weapons, powers and catchphrases anytime you want by simply going through the menu. There’s also an option to upgrade these options since the wearable gear comes in various designs. The gear is used to change, modify and shape your imaginator to be wonderfully weird with a colorful scheme system to match perfectly unless you are willing to keep it mismatched. This unique addition in the game’s feature makes it the most interesting among the other previous versions of Skylanders as it gives a different experience.
The game starts with the characters or you can say, creating your own character / Skylander from scratch. There are different classes of these characters that fit broad models such as mages, brawlers and range specialists that are forever locked once you make a decision, however, the get up of the characters can be changed anytime. Choosing a character class is a pretty big decision in the Skylanders as your play style is totally dependent on them.
All in all, I can conclude the whole game as a little dull if it weren’t the customization options of the characters and the constant appeal of what the next loop drop will bring. What makes the Skylanders Imaginators dull is that they have a handful of bizarre mini games repeated over and over in different levels as compared to the last year’s game that turned the entire levels into the gravity shifting puzzles.
One can say that out of all the versions of the game, the Skylanders Imaginators is one of the weakest series of the game. The creative element of choosing and modifying the character is only what brings a special element to it otherwise the level of plot and design of the game has let down many Skylanders fans this time. It is game worth playing for the kids and parents alike but still as always we can only aware and warn you about what you are getting in for so it is recommended to just think very carefully before you spend on the Skylanders Imaginator.

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