I DID IT!! I hired a house cleaner

Ok, ya’ll, so I did it! I found someone to clean my apartment. I know I said yesterday that the decision was made, but today I actually picked of the phone to hire a house cleaner. Mely will be over on Monday to do an estimate for house cleaning services, and I could not be more thrilled. I am going to have more time for blogging and gaming:). I guess adulting is not so bad once you find the life hacks necessary to continue to enjoy your life as you want to.

After I called Mely, I got a chance to chill with some Call of Duty Black Ops. Yeah, I don’t play that one with the kids around, but I do like to get some bad ass battles taken care of from time to time. I definitely have eclectic taste in games and in life in general:). Today, I used my Green Berets to annihilate some douche bags. Ah, well, I’m sure they are actually nice people just playing a game like me.

I’m thinking I’ll order groceries online as my next time saving life hack. Check out the free delivery from Hyvee next chance you get! You can take a quick gaming break to order up some tofu before getting back to cracking the codes on your favorite games. How sweet is this life?!


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