Where does gaming fit into “regular” life?

Yo, peeps! Wazzzz Up?!! Well, let me tell you what’s up-life, yeah that thing called life is getting in the way of my passion for xBox 360 gaming. I literally haven’t been on in over three days. So, I’m considering how I can balance that thing called “adulting” in with my inter-gamer. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far as far as a list of ways to not have to give my my time on the gaming.

  1. Quite my “real” job and become a video game reviewer- do people get paid for that? Well a quick check with the master of knowledge, Google, uncovers that YES that is a thing! Whoa, check it out:¬†http://gamejournalismjobs.com/
  2. Move back in with mom.
  3. Ditch the boyfriend- I mean really, what’s better some time with the gaming or time with a real live human? We all know the answer to that one; the gaming wins. hahaha.
  4. I could quit cleaning my own apartment, and hire someone. That would mean I keep the apartment and the day job, but it would save me a couple of hours/week!

Well send me your ideas on what you think I should do to have more valuable gaming time.

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