Welcome to my new website

Hey There, Welcome to my new website called xbox360 Games Bundles. I am a nerdy girl who is all about the xbox 360, but really I like to write about all sorts of things when I’m not busy¬†gaming on my xbox. Some of my favorite games are those with roots in Japan. My love for Japan started out as a young child when my parents rented the apartment in our home to a young Japanese lady named Shoko. I could not hear enough stories about this far away land, and eventually spent several years living in Japan as an adult. I have since moved back to the U.S., but my love of Japan is alive and well. One of my favorite games to play is of course, Dragonball-Z! I love this Japanese anime game so much that when I played roller derby for a while, I used a derby name with a play on the game. I skated under the name Draggin Bitches-Z as a hat-tip to my nerdy gamer side.



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