Tell Me About the New Games You are Playing?

Hey Guys and Gals!

What’s up?! I’ve been so busy with the holiday season I haven’t been gaming much and certainly not blogging enough. I’d like to hear from all of you about games you are playing now. What do you like about them? Why do you spend more time on some games rather than others? How do you limit your gaming time or do you even try to? I’ve heard of people setting a timer for the amount of time they want to game, but I’m not sure I can do that. If I set a timer, I would not totally focus on what I’m doing as I’d be constantly thinking about that timer going off in the middle of some massive play!

Ah, well, in the spirit of the Christmas hangover, I was researching what the top ten recommended games were to buy this year. I’m wondering if any of you agree with this list. The list I found as the number one spot on Google, written by the Guardian, says the following were the top 10 recommended games for this year:

Dragon Age: Origins

Forza Motorsport 3
Modern Warfare 2
Xbox Live Subscription
Assassins Creed 2

Left for Dead 2

1 vs 100

Did you get any of these games  this year or do you already have them? Are they really the top 10 best? I haven’t played all of them so now I have plans for 2017!

Til next time!


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In the world of gamers, who isn’t aware of Dragonball-Z, the game which has a long anime history is now among the top hit games. The game has revolutionized with time to a great extend, like house cleaning service, the game developers have eliminated all the unimportant and bugs and have constantly worked towards the betterment of the  game.

All the games in the series follow the same main lead, the adventures of Goku as he trains himself in martial arts and follow his journey to find the seven wish-granting orbs known as the Dragon Balls. Following the process of house cleaning, we will review the top best among the series instead of talking about all the games under the series.

Among all, the top 10 games according to critics and gamers are; Dragonball Z: Burst Limit, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, Dragon Ball Z : Budokai, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, and finally Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Though there are many more in the series but these are ranked the highest among all.

Unlike many other anime, the Dragonball-Z series have made their way forward and they have put efforts in making the anime look dated and real. In all of the games, the characters have almost the similar way of operation, this may annoy and irritate the user to a certain measure but most of the reviews show that as you move forward in the game and accept more challenges you’ll get more hold into the game and things will turn out more exciting than before.

Furthermore, the game has varying genres including role-playing, platform and fighting games, but fighting games have the most crucial role and everyone have their memories attached to it. Hire a house cleaner and get rid of all the memories but there will be great memories of fighting, kicking for this game, fighting is the most important genre of this game series. The game has also placed high importance to the character development and most of the gamers actually have a lot of preferences for characters in this game, as the characters are being continually improvised by the developers.

In addition to this, the sound and music of this game has also added a lot of attraction to it, making it more appealing to the audience and adding more dramatic effect as you play the game. Though in general this game has great feedback and among the anime games this is the top favorite but some of the games in the series had issues when it came to the pricing. According to many gamers there was no content in the game but it was top heavily priced and could have been for a lower price. One of such example was, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z as people thought it was stupidity to spend so much for a console game.

All in all, Dragonball-Z game series are a great hit and they have surely made their market strong by taking anime to a step higher.

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Ok, I finally took some time to write a decent review of Skylanders while the professional cleaning service was here today.

I hope you enjoy it:
Skylanders is one of the successful games and with that success, there’s always a pressure on the creator of the game to add up a new killer feature with its every new version. Even though every year a new game of Skylanders is released, they are developed in rotation by 2 different studios. The basics of the primary game are still the same as ever. One can describe the Skylanders as a kid friendly version of Diablo. In other words, we can say that it’s a two player action game with some light role plying features.
This year’s Skylanders is loud, exciting, easy to consume and different from other versions of the game. The Skylanders Imagination adds up a new character – creation menu that is bursting up with gear and loot of varying rarity. This exciting new feature in the game adds a level of freshness, customization and control.
The best part about this new feature is the feeling of control and customization you get by changing the clothing, bodies, weapons, powers and catchphrases anytime you want by simply going through the menu. There’s also an option to upgrade these options since the wearable gear comes in various designs. The gear is used to change, modify and shape your imaginator to be wonderfully weird with a colorful scheme system to match perfectly unless you are willing to keep it mismatched. This unique addition in the game’s feature makes it the most interesting among the other previous versions of Skylanders as it gives a different experience.
The game starts with the characters or you can say, creating your own character / Skylander from scratch. There are different classes of these characters that fit broad models such as mages, brawlers and range specialists that are forever locked once you make a decision, however, the get up of the characters can be changed anytime. Choosing a character class is a pretty big decision in the Skylanders as your play style is totally dependent on them.
All in all, I can conclude the whole game as a little dull if it weren’t the customization options of the characters and the constant appeal of what the next loop drop will bring. What makes the Skylanders Imaginators dull is that they have a handful of bizarre mini games repeated over and over in different levels as compared to the last year’s game that turned the entire levels into the gravity shifting puzzles.
One can say that out of all the versions of the game, the Skylanders Imaginators is one of the weakest series of the game. The creative element of choosing and modifying the character is only what brings a special element to it otherwise the level of plot and design of the game has let down many Skylanders fans this time. It is game worth playing for the kids and parents alike but still as always we can only aware and warn you about what you are getting in for so it is recommended to just think very carefully before you spend on the Skylanders Imaginator.

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Sweet Freedom!

Hey Guys! Guess, what I did today? Yep, that’s right, I played Call of Duty Black Ops for 2 straight hours while my house cleaning lady cleaned my house after work. It was totally amazing. I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to have arrived at this point in my life.

Ok, so my team did an ok job destroying the enemy, but I feel like I am a little rusty. I turned my back to the enemy and nearly had my entire team taken out, but I was able to maneuver quickly for the kill. I think it’s going to take some time to get back into this one as I’ve been playing more of my light hearted games lately with the kids. Awe, the joy of parenthood. At least I have Mely cleaning now:).

Until tomorrow!

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I DID IT!! I hired a house cleaner

Ok, ya’ll, so I did it! I found someone to clean my apartment. I know I said yesterday that the decision was made, but today I actually picked of the phone to hire a house cleaner. Mely will be over on Monday to do an estimate for house cleaning services, and I could not be more thrilled. I am going to have more time for blogging and gaming:). I guess adulting is not so bad once you find the life hacks necessary to continue to enjoy your life as you want to.

After I called Mely, I got a chance to chill with some Call of Duty Black Ops. Yeah, I don’t play that one with the kids around, but I do like to get some bad ass battles taken care of from time to time. I definitely have eclectic taste in games and in life in general:). Today, I used my Green Berets to annihilate some douche bags. Ah, well, I’m sure they are actually nice people just playing a game like me.

I’m thinking I’ll order groceries online as my next time saving life hack. Check out the free delivery from Hyvee next chance you get! You can take a quick gaming break to order up some tofu before getting back to cracking the codes on your favorite games. How sweet is this life?!


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Ok, so I’m in love with the Skylanders’ series. I’m not sure what it is, but it sort of reminds me of the carefree gaming days of my youth- you know Super Mario Brothers style. I may be dating myself with that, or maybe I played vintage games;). Anyhow, this light-hearted series is something I feel good about playing with the kids in my life. The vibrant colors and the action-figure style gaming is engaging, fun and entertaining. I will keep playing this one while the cleaning lady cleans; yes, I went ahead with that leap to give myself more time to game and blog:).


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Where does gaming fit into “regular” life?

Yo, peeps! Wazzzz Up?!! Well, let me tell you what’s up-life, yeah that thing called life is getting in the way of my passion for xBox 360 gaming. I literally haven’t been on in over three days. So, I’m considering how I can balance that thing called “adulting” in with my inter-gamer. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far as far as a list of ways to not have to give my my time on the gaming.

  1. Quite my “real” job and become a video game reviewer- do people get paid for that? Well a quick check with the master of knowledge, Google, uncovers that YES that is a thing! Whoa, check it out:
  2. Move back in with mom.
  3. Ditch the boyfriend- I mean really, what’s better some time with the gaming or time with a real live human? We all know the answer to that one; the gaming wins. hahaha.
  4. I could quit cleaning my own apartment, and hire someone. That would mean I keep the apartment and the day job, but it would save me a couple of hours/week!

Well send me your ideas on what you think I should do to have more valuable gaming time.

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Welcome to my new website

Hey There, Welcome to my new website called xbox360 Games Bundles. I am a nerdy girl who is all about the xbox 360, but really I like to write about all sorts of things when I’m not busy gaming on my xbox. Some of my favorite games are those with roots in Japan. My love for Japan started out as a young child when my parents rented the apartment in our home to a young Japanese lady named Shoko. I could not hear enough stories about this far away land, and eventually spent several years living in Japan as an adult. I have since moved back to the U.S., but my love of Japan is alive and well. One of my favorite games to play is of course, Dragonball-Z! I love this Japanese anime game so much that when I played roller derby for a while, I used a derby name with a play on the game. I skated under the name Draggin Bitches-Z as a hat-tip to my nerdy gamer side.



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